December 23, 2011



I still remembered about my impressions toward k-pop in the middle of 2011 , you know what , I hate alot their entertainment because I don't get it what kind of music are they present respectfully.In my opinion,this korean pop
whether boy group or girl group are wasting their company investment by using alot of  MONE, can you imagine , just for their production or even the making of music video (MV).Futhermore , I don't think it's appropriate at all. But now, things changed , In sanskrit's word we call it karma , yeah of course you know right "what goes around come back around" . I (Aisyah Eilysya) have became one of the fanatic of
 K-POand thank you alot guys , you have twisted my thoughts from nothing by liking them. As you know when the truths reveal on public , i mean towards my BB Friends even to my family of course they are shocked and "mulut tu jangan celupar" . In case i can't seperate with the music,languages,drama&film and hilarious variety shows and games some sort like WGM,INVINCIBLE YOUTH,IDOL ARMY,STAR KING and so on. wow ! this is so insane i guess.

my first choice

The good point why i choosed him because he has a very charming smily eyes and please guys don't ever stare at him , i believe it's gonna become  AN OBSESSION ! of course. Indeed , he's a really helpful person and he keeps on smiling where ever situation that fagged himself.

my second choice

Lee JungShin's characters same goes to Lee Taemin. I love and adore those keeps smiling all the time and have a bright expressions. Eventhough , he's kind of serious on the stage but at the end he shows his true colour to everyone. Sometimes I like his characters when his awkward to do MC , yeah , it's his first experience in variety show WE GOT MARRIED (YONGSEO COUPLE).

Lee Taemin and Lee JungShin , both of them have same persanalities and that bring me up to select them as my ideal man from KOREA. Oh gosh , when i talk about 'Lee' its remind me to One of my BB friend. now , she is belong to donghae- ssi ,SUPER JUNIOR . I don't know she might be mad at me for mentioned she's belong to donghae because the truth she's crazy about Jung YongHwa oppa ,
 CN BLUE . Just now , I opened my facebook account , my BB friend , she said that she keep repeating the same song from MBLAQ , monalisa from the early morning till the end of the year 2011 , I guess. Huhh , Im getting tired to continue my entry so i'll be back soon alright. I Love You guys alot and last but not least ... my ideal men. <3

August 9, 2011



Hello there lovelies.Im super excited this time because...just the other day I went to B.B with ma lovely,burly,ugly friends.What started off as just catching up turned quite an inspirational photos.It triggered me to write this post and thanks alot guys. Ahahak


July 4, 2011



Apa khabar semua?kalau baik alhamdulillah saya ucapkan.Kali ini aku nak borak about my experience in (IPB).What is IPB?Find by your own ok! Ada otak guna la. Hahaha. On 20th june aku telah SAH for being IPB STUDENT.At the same time,we have the orientation that i would never ever forget.Its really touches my heart eventhough MAYBE the other things makes them terasa. DUH!
P/S: Berfikir sebelum buat. PENDIDIKAN!!! yeah.Hahaha

These video makes me melt.Have a look first.


Syifa and I having a great time... but so sayang she got flu at this moment.

Kak Liz and I.we are ready to face any challenge.<3<3<3
With my babe...heheh hugging to getting closer...what the heaven?

Our group...With our facilitator

June 16, 2011



Wah! topic kali ini its all about CHICKEN.Hehehe.Apa yang korang paham about NANDO'S? Cepat2 nak rewards x?Aku mana paham sgt NANDO'S tu ape yg aku tahu hanyalah A restaurant by the name of NANDO'S.Thats all.Pastu de ayam2 gitu.Ok just now aku dah survey di yahoo what is NANDO'S.In Malaysia they introduced NANDO'S unique flame-grilled chicken with fiery taste of Afro-portuguese flame Grilled Peri-peri.Do you know what is PERI-PERI?PERI-PERI adalah cili and it quite spicy.Lets have a look the LOGO of NANDO'S.

Yesterday,my brother and I went to NANDO'S at mines,it quite peace because the place sememangnya sebelah tasik je.Its so romantic for couple and you know what,the server wearing a hairnet and they look like a pirate and very stylish.Otherwise, I love the decoration,the combination of colour of the restaurant and last but not least THE FOOD,of course!

Garlic peri-peri and Extra hot peri-peri are my favourite sauces

My dish,1/4 grilled chicken with mediterranean rice and fries with ape powder ntah.i dont remeber.

The ala carte, regular one.I adore the sauce.

My lovely brother with his portuguese salad with chicken extra hot peri-peri flavour and ice choclate.

Hey! thats me! take a snap for a moment."Bole x klu nak seludup sauce peri-peri?"my brother asked me. "Huh?what?!" im speechless

Next time, Im gonna try the other delicious dishes.

May 22, 2011



Hey readers ! Dalam bulan may nie pelbagai perkara yg berlaku dlm sekelip mata antaranya teman2 yg dulunya di sisi sekarang berjauhan demi impian. Ada yg dpt national Service (NS) beside de yg dpt tawaran belajar sane sini. Wah untungnya tuan punya bada! kn? kn?. So far Im glad xde one of my friend yg dpt purposal or sumthing yg di katekn 'PINANGAN' . dasyat !

Sometimes aku rasa jelouse dgn dorang yg dpt tawaran belajar bcz aku until now xsmbng blajar lg just like them. But dont worried, I believe on myself one day "MYDAY" will come true . Insyaallah.
Today May 22 2011 , 2341 PM , I felt so lonely.

My bestie since i was a kid now she's studied at Lahad Datu Sabah as a form 6's student. I lupa course pe yg dye ambil. ape yang I tau dye amek in course Kemanusiaan.

My bestie since i was in form 1.seriouslly mase mula2 i know her I xsuka dye cz dye budak pandai.Duduk kat class 1st.Tegur pn nak xnak je but now she is my everything.
P/s: dye suka lawan aku tau... kalau bole dye nak challen pipi aku. Grrr.. Dye g belajar di Matrikulasi Pahang

Dont you recognize? She is beautiful. kn? kn? My "niece" from FAMILY PIZZAHUT. Kalau nak gelak cam syaitan dye la owner but she so hilarious. of course! kalau di pizza, dye la tukang jaga chiller pepsi, salad bar n baby chair suma because fazi risau runtuh suma brg pizzahut nnti. HAHA. Rindu En.Azmi lak. aduh! musykil-musykil.
Now dye blajar di KPTM di Bangi. wah!!! im totally miss her.

Membership from FAMILY PIZZAHUT too. Aku nan dye selalu jaga section A. Suka mengular, suke gelak, suke main gado2 n so on. Selalu g keje jalan kaki bersama. HAHA. ROMANTICKAN? Mimie nie gelak besar tau.. cm nie. HAHAH . dye g blajar di dungun bkn DUNGUL tau! Di terengganu amek course science computer. dgr citer that course is quite tough ryte?

Manager FAMILY PIZZAHUT kitaorng.mmg giler kentang goreng punya. suka dengar dye memekak. dye slalu ckp "eh! door person mane door person?" HAHA .dye suka sebut kepret and @$%^&* pelbagai ye. Heee.manager aku nie studied at City Univercity College in Medical Lab Technology course.

i knew her since i was in form 1. We all same2 class but not too close. We all getting closer because of connection. Dye akan futher her studies di KPTM same cam FAZIHAN. Dunia nie kecil, bukannya ape kawan aku bertemu dgn kawan aku. camano tu? HAHAHA...

May 21, 2011



Hello Mellow Yellow ! Haah i missed my English teacher. Why ?! because now I nak buat essay yang mengarut , u got it ? Orait this time Im gonna share my 'secret admire' and please-please dont be jelous. Hee Bebaru nie i saje la nak cuci mata kalau bole nak tukar contexx lens skali , bukannya ape tp saje nak main2. Hee. Mengarut x ?!
Ok straight to the point , actually I minat sgt dengan ETHAN PECK
Huh... you guys kenal x dye sape? Dye la laki aku *perasan sekejup. Ni wajah mamat hensem ni. Hee

Arghhh!!! I adore you man!

I knew him in Gossip Girl tv drama and 10 Things I Hate About you

p/s: For those kat luar sana jgn pulak nak meluat nan entry I kali nie ok... Hee... BECAUSE

TQ MR. Blacky

March 9, 2011



Wah! tajuknya bukan main. Nie nak bincang soal politik ke? De gak hancur meja kalau nak bincang soal politik nie, yela nak gak action ketuk meja, campak kerusi. betul x? Well apa yang dapat korang imagine if women ruled the world? Pelbagaikan? kan? kan?

Ok! for me everything gonna be like ... this

WoW !

Err? mana Malaysia? Oh! over there. Did you see that? Nope? ok mind your own buisness. DUH

Ouh Hye auntie! you look stunning! right guys? Please say YES

mee maggie!!!

Nak jugak Pak Lion nie. Tolong cakap dye hencem. Hee

Pergh! nak bela sekor camni.

Firefighter bukan RED ke?

Meh sini aku tembak korang, nak bagi lawa sikit. huk3


beg pun nak gak mini skirt. Ok amek la.

Aduyai! Dunia nie pelbagai ragam. for those yang ingin menakluki or memerintah dunia, you have think smart and very wisely. Kalau xnak ok fine! call alien suruh dorang handle bumi! TQ

March 5, 2011



Wah! Saja nak show off dh de 10 followers. Haha. Ini yang di katogerikan Pembaca, Pengikut, Pensetia* dan Pembaca, Pengikut, Pensetia* dan ... Arghh malas aku nak taip bende same. Agak2 korang "baik" korang sambunglah sendiri. Hee. Almaklum la aku bukan orang 'top' de follower ramai sangat pun, agak2 cukup makan je. Ceh! Apa ku kisah, asalkan ada orang yang sudi mendengar rintihan dan luahan isi hati Aisyah Shohaili pun kira ummphh! gak arr. But kalau korang teramat baik, try2 la promote bloggy aku nie. BIG THANKS

Drama oh Drama

March 3, 2011



Jawab salam dulu sebelum membaca celoteh ini. Terima Kasih.
Apa khabar semua? Berada dalam condition yg baik ke? Kalau xbaik jangan jumpa aku, sebab im not A doctor ok! Im just a person. Person pe? Papelah asalkan baik2 punya. Of Course!

Hari ini  im going to tell you a story dimane belajar dahulu sebelum nak mengatal. ok?!
Ala pelbagai peribahasa yg dapat di samakan antaranya adalah... Err fikir sendirilah!
Korang masih ingat x masa kat skola dulu cikgu english dok menyuruh korang belajar bahasa nanti dah besar xde la malu nak berdepan nan orang asing. ada x cikgu kata cmtu?!!!
Kalau xde bapak bonggok cikgu korang, tak sayang korang la maknanya. HAHAHA

Ok cuba la korang hayati citer ini ok dan ...

Bermula Al-kisah ...
Tijah budak kampung, tapi bekerja di Kuala Lumpur. Biasalah bila sudah duduk "town", mula lupa asal usul. Pakaian seksi maut, terdedah sana terdedah sini. Nak kata xde duit? Hello!!! Keje kat KL, xkan seposen pun xde. Haish!. Pastu bercinta pula dgn lelaki mat saleh! Ke hulu ke hilir menayang boyfriendnya yg bermata biru. Punyalah eksyen si Tijah GEDIK !!!, hinggalah suatu hari dia ternampak lelaki Inggeris tadi ala DARLING dia  dgn wanita lain yg lebih cantik dan bergaya daripadanya. Pergh! Haru Biru nie. Tijah pe lagi, menangis tiga hari tiga malam. Bapak arr xsayang air mata ke Tijah oiii!!! Pada malam ke empat, Tijah mengambil sehelai kertas dan menulis surat untuk memutuskan perhubungannya dgn lelaki mat saleh tadi yg baru sebulan dikenalinya. xsangka si Tijah nie buta IT. HEK3.            

Begini bunyi surat yg ditulis oleh Tijah, yg berjaya "dicuri" 



           I WANT TO CUT CONNECTION US.                                          

           I have think about this very cook-cook. I know I clap one hand only. Correctly, I have seen   You and she walk-walk together at town with    
           eyes myself. You grab hand she.    

You always ask for apology back-back. I don't trust you again! You are really crocodile land. My friend speak you play wood three. First-first I think my friend lie me. But now I know you correct-correct play wood three.                

So, I break connection to pull my body from this love triangle. I know this result I pick is very correct, because you love she very high from me. So, I cut this connection to go far from here. I don't want you to play-play with my liver.                                              

            I have been crying until no more eye water thinking about you. I don't want banana to fruit two times.                                        

            Safe walk..                                                            

Bagi aku gelak jup. HAHAHA !!!

No wonder la si Mike tu curang

Bingung oh Bingung


February 28, 2011



Fashion oh Fashion

Erm saje nak mulakan ayat dengan FoF* bukannya apa but bebaru ni pergi  Times Square de banyak baju,dress,jumsuit and mini jacket. All are my FAV!!!
Tunggu la korang akan jadi milik aku gak!

Her name is DIAN PELANGI
I adore her fashion. Its kinda like giving me the inspiration. For your information, I nak pakai hijab just like her but Im not so sure in Malaysia boleh terima or not the way she wearing the hijab because its kinda like WEIRD.

February 20, 2011



Pape hal jawab salam aku dulu ok! Kalau xnak jawab meet di padang MARSYAR. heh3
Ok la, lately nie entry aku alwasy about fucking LOVE and now im gonna write about something might be funny for you.
Ok! Ready x nak dgr citer nie? huh?
Citer nie ade seorang Hamba shopping yang bergiat aktif dalam bidang menyopping* almaklum la duit gaji de la secebis lagi. Boros oh Boros
Ape lagi, si Hamba Allah nie cuba la beberape barang yang ada demi kepuasan diri.

si Hamba Shopping: Pap Pap Pap, "ok muka dah cantik ape lg produk yg aku nak bedal ek"?
Teman si Hamba Shopping: "huh tgk mascara nie, Maybeline nie kalau ko pakai, sure2 ko perasan de kat NEW YORK". Heheheh
si Hamba Shopping: "haish! duit aku cukup tok berada di Malaysia je, ala kadar sudeh"
Teman si Hamba Shopping: "ko nak ngetop ke xnak nie?"
si Hamba Shopping: "nak!" *bersemangat bukan kepalang lagi

Haish, di pikir2kan duit berapa la sgt tapi nafsu shopping punya pasal 'I DONT CARE'
 Lepas nie si Hamba Shopping plan nak topup KAW KAW punya. Apa si Hamba Shopping kisah!
ok citer akan di pendekkan sebab aku malas nak taip lama2 almaklum la aku nie manusia nak gak tido.grrr

si Cashier: "miss kalau amek dua face powder nie akan dapat harga RM 17.70 je"
si Hamba Shopping: "wah! ini berita gembira. satu face powder nie harga RM 11.90, kalau dua lak dapat RM 17.70 means dapat discount brape ek?" kali nie aku nak korang kira. Saje nak tgk pandai x math korang.wink wink*
 berdetik dalam hati-jimat gak duit aku ek.

MALANG TIDAK BERBAU sebab... ade x korang pernah hidu macam mane baunya malang tu? pernah x? cepat bgtau aku pernah ke x! Haish xnak jawab sudah la.
si Hamba Shopping nie happy bukan kepalang nak pergi amek lagi satu face powder and sewaktu si Hamba Shopping sedang jalan dgn pantasnya...!

Huh! tau ape maksudnya? xkan xpaham lagi?ok ok nak citer la nie.
KRANG bermaksud terlanggarnya sesuatu benda. TUNG bermaksud jatuhnya sesuatu barang and last but not least SPLASH yang bermaksud terburainya sesuatu barang itu dari bekasnya. Faham x?!
Apa la nasibku ini? Baru fikir nak peri beli topup KAW KAW last2 kene gak duit aku nie di sedekahkan.
Apa lagi setiap staff kedai tu siap serbu si Hamba Shopping dan yg xle bla nya pak guard pun nak joinventure skali. Ceh! menyibuk je tolong la bayar skali ape susah!
Menyirap doe, cam first time tgk orang jatuhkan barang. HAISH!!!

Big 'F'

Disebabkan barang 'F' ni la si Hamba Shopping tu terpaksa mengorbankan duit kesayanganya untuk beli topup kepada membayar pampasan HARAM JADAH NIE!
Kalau korang nak tau la si Hamba Shopping nie nak je wat cam dalam picture di bawah ini.SUMPAH! tak TIPU!


February 19, 2011



Hello to all bloger and I wish u in a good LIFE. Today aku nak citer about what happen to ME! Korang masih ingat lagi entry aku about 'CINTAKU CINTAMU JUA ?'
Ingat x? Cuba ingat balik kalau dah xingat ok! Huk3

So ape yang aku cuba nak bgtau tentang itu adalah perkara benar di mana hati aku TELAH pun menjadi seperti gambar rajah tersebut. YES! hatiku sungguh kecewa. Kalau korang berada di position aku ape korang akan buat? tell me jangan segan-segan ok.

Fine, aku malas nak cakap banyak tapi based on this picture I hope u guys can describe HOW DO I FEEL exactly...


                                                                                THE END . . .

February 12, 2011



Hello to the bloger-bloger yang sering mengadap coretan dan luahan Aisyah Shohaili ini. As we know, BLOGSPOT is the best place to express ur feelings or in other words to improve ur skills in writing. Do you agree with me? kalau x agree korang punya pasal la. Keh keh keh

OK! Sekarang aku ingin memulakan Al-Kisah perkenalan antara Si Adam dan Si Hawa yang membawa suatu fitrah pada manusia iaitu Perasaan antara Lelaki dan Perempuan. Ala cam malas lak nak citer kisah aku dan si Dia BUT aku dah janji so I'll tell you the story. Pada suatu hari, ish! mcm skola rendah pnya intro lak menyirap aku.

Aku dan si Dia dah kenal lama since aku masuk keje lagi but xde la lame sangat mase bulan january tu. Then after 4 days aku dh keje, pada malam yang ke-5 we got a meeting with all team members. In that night, we need to introduce ourselves, yela b'coz ramai lagi yg x berkenalan antara satu sama lain kan. So mase time aku introduce diri aku pnya la malu yang amat, bukan apa but segan kot.HEHEHE

Dialogue nya berbunyi begini

"Hai semua, saya nama *** *********** Aisyah and just call me Aisyah, Im from Kuala Lumpur dan umur saya 18 so selamat berkenalan"

ceh! tersipu-sipu malu memulakan bicara. Dah la aku orng pertama yang bercakap sampai di usik2 dek teman si Dia. Tapi si Dia nie pendiam n si Dia hanya tersengeh kucing wktu aku di usik dek teman si Dia. *dalam hati aku gembira bukan kepalang when mata si Dia bersinggah dengan mata aku. HAHAHA
Asal aku gatal sangat ni? Muyskil Muyskil.

Ish! aku pendekkan jela citer aku dan si Dia ni. Tulis panjang2 pun habis bil elektrik menimbun hujung bulan. Sape lak yang nak tanggung? aku!? harapan la.hek hek hek. On weekend we all akan jadi robot! kerja non-stop, Customer Come In non-stop gak, at the same time aku tepekik telolong kat dapur mknan xsiap2 lagi customer dah mula nak naik minyak nak buat taik pn ade almaklum la 'customer always right' pergi  MAMPUS  la weyh! ok2 back to our topic, pastu aku jerit la 

Aku: "mane Garlic Breadstix!"
si Dia: "eh siapa tu?"
Aku: "huh?"
si Dia: "oh Aisyah rupanya ingatkan sape tadi"
pergh! lembutnya suara si Dia sebut nama aku. And for the second time mata aku dan si Dia bertentangan. Ada  karennn tau. HAHAHA.

 Malu oh Malu, Segan oh Segan.

                                                                                                            THE END . . .

February 11, 2011



Perasaan yang acap kali membuat diri kita gelisah tetapi mengharapkan sesuatu miracle berlaku. Itulah diriku yang di maksudkan. CINTA oh CINTA. Takut tau memikirkan perkara sebegini but apa boleh buat,benda tu dh hadir dalam hidupku. Korang suma mesti tau beza ape itu MINAT, SUKA, SAYANG, CINTA, BENCI. kn? kn?

ok la straight to the point! my feelings lately nie always bercelaru. Bukannya apa but i takut i make the wrong decision again n again dalam memilih teman paling rapat selain sahabat. Korang paham kan what i mean is???
Beside, Korang always dengar ungkapan ini...

"Carilah cinta Tuhan maka kita akan bertemu cinta Hambanya"

Tetapi adakah aku sendiri bersedia dalam Dilema?
Adakah aku hanya akan di uji yang pelbagai?
Mungkin inilah hati aku nanti sekirannya aku perlu 'Bermain dengan Perasaan' dan  hanya 'Tepuk Sebelah Tangan'...

picture from yahoo

February 8, 2011



from the left: Atiqah(door person),Mimi hanis(awek bar) and Aisyah(staff paling cutie).hehehe...FAKTA TEPAT DAN BENAR! HAHAHA...

Do we care about the customer behind us?Nope...because we're so obsesss with DSLR...Agagaga~ Kalau korang nak tau member aku yang nama atiqah nie very addicted dgn 'Peace No War' dia tu.sikit2 nak peace sikit2 nak peace.buat la middle finger ke,opppsss!!! Hehehe,tersasul pulak...jari nie jahat sangat nak taip 'words' tu.

 SNAP,SNAP and SNAP.Sumpah kita orang xde keje time ni. Ada satu perkara yang sungguh musykil kerna dorang suma suka pakai jam but aku nie...paling xsuka pakai jam. Aku pun xtau cz ianya agak annoying for me kalau nak wat keje akan jadi terbatas lak. Korang tengok la dorang suma pakai jam aku???sejak keje kat pizza lagi xpernah even once pakai jam tau.

January 31, 2011



Lately ini aku suka cuci mata aku but i dont understand why should with this way...tak boleh ke just pakai eyemo???Im totaly hate this feeling.In short,i believe every single woman in this world pun suka cuci mata just like me.Kita akan rasa puas puas puas. Kadangkala kita nangis demi memujuk hati dan jiwa raga kita dari memikirkan si dia mahupun permasalahan yg dihadapi. Bukan apa,but dengan mencuci mata ini yang dapat memahami perasaan seorang wanita dan perempuan. Tengoklah kalau girl tu tomboy sekali pun dia tetap akan menangis kerna kuasa dan kelemahan wanita terletak pada air mata yang mewakili perasaannya.

January 19, 2011



i have been asking myself until when my life should be like this(sedih,suffering,poor,alone and so on)?
then,i need to move on.Buang semua benda yang tak berguna towards me.I need to do something to cherish my life. Sometimes I fikir apa yang I akan jadi after habis belajar? Apa akan jadi setelah memperoleh perkerjaan? Apa akan jadi setelah mendirikan rumah tangga? Apa akan jadi sekiranya di takdir keseorangan?
YA!!! dengan berkat doa ibu dan abah I akan memperoleh kejayaan iaitu menjadi anak yang solehah. Seperti yang kita sedia maklum 'Reda ALLAH itu berada dalam reda kedua2 orang tua, dan murka ALLAH itu berada dalam murka kedua2 orang tua'.

Maka renung2kan lah dan selamat beramal.HEHEHE macam fadzilah kamsah x???

January 12, 2011


Nur Fazira Naqiah...gadis yang pernah menjadi sahabatku sewaktu kami berumur 8 tahun di SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN TAMAN DESA 1.Masih ingat lagi,waktu itu zyra pelajar baru yang memasuki kelas kami iaitu 2 zuhal,kelas paling last sekali.kuang,kuang,kuang.Hari bersilih ganti umur semakin meningkat kami semakin akrab sehingga umur kami 12 tahun hubungan kami berkekalan.Pada saat itu kami memilih perpisahan adalah jalan yang terbaik demi kehidupan hakiki.

Apabila umur makin meningkat remaja,perjalanan hidup,cara pergaulan kian berbeza.kita cuba mengenali siapa diri kita yang sebenar?kenapa dugaan yang setimpal menghadap kita?apa salah kita?akan tetapi...kawan yang paling hampir yang kita harapkan...yang sering bergelak tawa,berjenaka dan bersedihan bersama.sampai bila hubungan itu dapat bertahan?dua orang 'BAM BAM' YANG SGT AKU SAYANGI adalah

from left: zyra si keding and bambam si bulat

                                         TO BE CONTINUED...