December 29, 2010

my lists for 2011

  1. wake up in the morning and says "assalamualaikum and happy new year to everyone especially to my mom,my brother and my cats romeo and chelsea..."

    2.   Give a helping hand to my mom to make a cup of coffee or anything else.
    3.   mase terluang i'll try to tidur balik after penat berjaga till late nite semata2 nak
          tengok firework.
    4.   I want to fit my body...kurus Oh kurus.~
    5.   I wish I can make alot of friends.
    6.   buang perkara yang menyakitkan hati
    7.   celebrate my 18th birtday with my lovely family...YAHOO!!!
      p/s:jangan lupa doakan untuk saya,kejayaan saya and im totally rindukan my kenangan with abang-  
           abang and kakak-kakak from RISDA.i learnt alot from them especially about life and how to
           survival...THANK YOU ALOT GUYS!!!

December 24, 2010

i like to make alot of friends

semua orang suka berkawan,however its not easy for us to find it...sometimes i really-really need them but can i trust them?today,bila seorang kawan menangis kawan yang lain pula just ignored sahaja...adakah patut?kononnya tidak mahu menyedihkannya but you seumpama stay away from them.Everyone said a good friend is good to find but do we really need a good friend for entire life or just for a moment?what do you think?