July 4, 2011



Apa khabar semua?kalau baik alhamdulillah saya ucapkan.Kali ini aku nak borak about my experience in (IPB).What is IPB?Find by your own ok! Ada otak guna la. Hahaha. On 20th june aku telah SAH for being IPB STUDENT.At the same time,we have the orientation that i would never ever forget.Its really touches my heart eventhough MAYBE the other things makes them terasa. DUH!
P/S: Berfikir sebelum buat. PENDIDIKAN!!! yeah.Hahaha

These video makes me melt.Have a look first.


Syifa and I having a great time... but so sayang she got flu at this moment.

Kak Liz and I.we are ready to face any challenge.<3<3<3
With my babe...heheh hugging to getting closer...what the heaven?

Our group...With our facilitator