June 16, 2011



Wah! topic kali ini its all about CHICKEN.Hehehe.Apa yang korang paham about NANDO'S? Cepat2 nak rewards x?Aku mana paham sgt NANDO'S tu ape yg aku tahu hanyalah A restaurant by the name of NANDO'S.Thats all.Pastu de ayam2 gitu.Ok just now aku dah survey di yahoo what is NANDO'S.In Malaysia they introduced NANDO'S unique flame-grilled chicken with fiery taste of Afro-portuguese flame Grilled Peri-peri.Do you know what is PERI-PERI?PERI-PERI adalah cili and it quite spicy.Lets have a look the LOGO of NANDO'S.

Yesterday,my brother and I went to NANDO'S at mines,it quite peace because the place sememangnya sebelah tasik je.Its so romantic for couple and you know what,the server wearing a hairnet and they look like a pirate and very stylish.Otherwise, I love the decoration,the combination of colour of the restaurant and last but not least THE FOOD,of course!

Garlic peri-peri and Extra hot peri-peri are my favourite sauces

My dish,1/4 grilled chicken with mediterranean rice and fries with ape powder ntah.i dont remeber.

The ala carte, regular one.I adore the sauce.

My lovely brother with his portuguese salad with chicken extra hot peri-peri flavour and ice choclate.

Hey! thats me! take a snap for a moment."Bole x klu nak seludup sauce peri-peri?"my brother asked me. "Huh?what?!" im speechless

Next time, Im gonna try the other delicious dishes.